What is the difference between Bespoke and Made to Measure

In the world of tailoring, the term made to measure is often used interchangeably with bespoke. Yet, they are two very different concepts and the incorrect description of made to measure as bespoke has lead to the prestigious title losing its impact. We've put together five useful insights to help you navigate through the confusion. At Crichton we only do Bespoke. 

The Pattern: Bespoke tailoring is about creating something completely individual, something bespoke. An original pattern is cut for the customer. Made to measure takes the measurements of an existing, standardised pattern and tweaks it for the intricacies of the customer. A bespoke pattern will take into account the many nuances of a customer's shape such as the slope of the shoulder, arch of the back and width of the arms, all critical details that could be be missed by simply tweaking existing patterns. 

The Fitting: In order to create the perfect fit, multiple fittings are required. At Crichton we incorporate three fittings into our bespoke suit service and each time build a more accurate and elegant fit into the process. In making a made to measure piece, a single fitting will take place to gather measurements and create a design. Rarely however will there be further fittings incorporated into the creation process. 

The Cloth: Choice is the key differential here. Bespoke tailors will usually carry an infinitely bigger range of options than those available for a made to measure pieces. At Crichton we pride ourselves on collaborating with the premium mills of the UK.  

Made in England: Made to measure garments are regularly outsourced to large factories operating with a big focus on division of labour. This can often lead to a lack of genuine care and skill as each piece is passed around various factory processes. Bespoke clothing requires true devotion and as such merits the investment. At Crichton our bespoke clothing is cut & stitched in our Chester work rooms by trained and experienced artisan tailors. 

Interaction: Maintaining a one on one relationship with your tailor can never be underestimated. Bespoke tailoring is a lifestyle; one piece leads seamlessly into another and again until the wardrobe boasts an enviable arsenal of armory of sartorial elegance. Bespoke tailoring gives you that interaction.   


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