At Crichton House our core business is the classic lounge suit. Fully bespoke, we make everything by hand in our work rooms in England. Our customers choose from our expansive library of premium cloth before returning for three fittings so we can craft the perfect fit. 

Jackets and blazers 

The sports jacket and club blazer are iconic components of the gentleman's wardrobe. Our team of dynamic tailors and seamstresses can bring your ideas to life and are more than capable of handling specialised requests.  

Evening and formal

The tuxedo, dinner suit and smoking jacket are increasingly understood as an opportunity to bring some flair and flamboyance into the evening. At Crichton House we understand the art of showing off while maintaining style and etiquette. 

Hunting & Equestrian

With a number of illustrious hunt club associations across the country, Crichton Bespoke are increasingly regarded as the go to tailors for hunting and equestrian garments. With a passion for detail and a deep understanding of the traditions and subtleties behind hunt culture, we are well positioned to craft both long lasting and stylish riding out garments as well as beautifully elegant and stylish ceremonial pieces. 

Field sports

As keen shooters ourselves we are well versed in the subtleties of the sport. Not only do we believe in creating stylish garments by hand, we are committed to practicality. Using only the finest cloth, our garments are made to last many years while also offering durability and utility. 


Towards the end of summer and early autumn we take on a lot of overcoat commissions. Our library of heavyweight cloth ensures that we can explore both style and purpose while staying true to our bespoke traditions. Again, our team of dynamic tailors are well versed in the classic styles as well as boasting the technical understanding to bring your individual ideas to life.  


Whether casual or formal we are well positioned to meet all of your waistcoat needs. We can talk you through opportunities to personalise your garment to your individual needs while also offering full access to our expansive cloth and accessory library.